GLEE “Funk” Episode 21 Review


Tonight’s episode of Glee “Funk,” was the penultimate episode of this season. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I didn’t love this episode. While the music has been great in the past few episodes, the storylines have been too self-contained and haven’t continued from week to week. After all the drama with Rachel and her mom, Finn and Kurt, even Will and Emma, it just feels odd that they haven’t followed up on any of it.

The whole thing with Jesse felt really strange because last time we saw him he was confessing that he had feelings for Rachel. Then he disappears last week, and now this week he’s unbelievably cruel to Rachel. Does Rachel even know that he was working with Shelby and about his deception? She should have been the one breaking up with him!

As much as I love to watch Mr. Schue dance, his attempt to seduce Sue was just uncomfortable to watch. Although it did lead to a pretty hilarious entry in Sue’s journal and a look inside her home, which is packed with trophies. The more we learn about Sue, the more human she becomes.

Did anyone else get nervous when Terri was looking at Finn and seeing Will instead? Thankfully her interest in Finn seems to be platonic. He reminds her of Will and I think she sees this as an opportunity to do the right thing and treat him kindly.

There were a couple really fun performances on “Funk.” Puck and Finn had some great bro chemistry on “Loser” and “Good Vibrations.” That has to be the first time Glee has done early 90s songs that Mr. Schue wasn’t involved in. “Another One Bites the Dust” was good too, although I think Vocal Adrenalin was wearing the same costumes from their “Rehab” routine in the pilot.

Even though I wasn’t too impressed with this episode, it did set up next week’s epic showdown between New Directions and Vocal Adrenalin. After seeing poor Rachel get egged, I’m sure most Gleeks now HATE Jesse St. James and want to see him taken down (or “eaten by a lion”). Next week’s finale can’t come soon enough.

A few random observations:
– I loved that Sue’s date outfit consists of adding pearls to her tracksuit.
– Doesn’t Finn have a job bussing tables in a wheelchair? What about Puck’s pool cleaning business?
– Seeing Emma in the previews for next week reminded me that we haven’t seen her in a few episodes. Where has she been?

Favorite quotes:

Sue: You know, for me trophies are like herpes. You can try to get rid of ‘em but they just keep comin’. You know why? Sue Sylvester has hourly flare ups of burning, itchy, highly contagious talent.

Kurt: I’m so depressed I’ve worn the same outfit twice this week.

Sue: I have feelings for one Will Schuester. Sexy, non-murdering feelings

What are you looking forward to the most in next week’s finale? Will Quinn have her baby? Will New Directions beat Vocal Adrenalin aka “the soulless automatons” with “Give Up the Funk?” Let me know what you think below!

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(Photos: Courtesy of Fox)