DROP DEAD DIVA “Would I Lie To You” (Season 2 Premiere) Early Review

Drop Dead Diva Season 2 Premiere

Lifetime’s DROP DEAD DIVA returns for its second season on Sunday, June 6, 2010, at 9pm. I had the opportunity to take an early look at the season premiere, “Would I Lie To You,” which gets off to fabulous start with a fun musical number featuring all the cast members (plus guest star Paula Abdul). Fans will not want to miss this dream sequence where the talented Brooke Elliot (Jane) shows off her impressive singing voice.

Season two picks up where the show left off last year, with the arrival of Jane’s previously unknown husband, Ethan. The existence of her secret husband comes as a shock to Jane, who is very afraid that he will be able to tell that she’s not herself. She also has to juggle Ethan and her boyfriend, Tony, which leads to some awkward situations.

Meanwhile, Jane’s professional life is in shambles because she violated lawyer-client privilege by turning in a former client who tried to use her in his scheme to commit fraud. She’s facing disbarment and possibly the end of her career, and during this troubling time it becomes clear which of her friends have her back and which would like to see her go down in flames.

Her assistant, the always loyal Teri, tries to help Jane get through this by bringing her a pro bono case that involves an insurance company denying medical treatment to a sick little girl. They lay the drama on thick with the girl, trying a little too hard to pull at your heartstrings, but, as usual, Jane is at her best when fighting for the underdog.

Overall, I really like where Drop Dead Diva is going in its second season. A secret husband is pretty over the top, but it makes sense that there is still a lot about Jane’s life that Deb doesn’t know about yet. I also like how they are exploring Jane’s conflicting emotions regarding relationships. She’s in a new body, so it’s logical that she might have some relationship issues, and I like the delicate way they handle it in this episode.

I really enjoyed watching Drop Dead Diva last summer because, in addition to a great cast and big name guest stars, it’s a show that has a lot of heart. If you haven’t seen Drop Dead Diva yet, I think you could start with this episode and catch on pretty quickly.

So don’t forget, Drop Dead Diva kicks off its second season on Sunday, June 6, 2010 on Lifetime.