Is An ALIAS Reboot in the Works?

Jennifer Garner - Alias

It seems that ABC is contemplating a reboot of one of TV’s most popular series, the J.J. Abram’s produced ALIAS. According to Watch With Kristin, sources at ABC have said that initial talks have begun and the network is considering bringing a new version of the series to screen, however, there is no news on whether J.J. Abrams would return and/or if any of the original cast would.

The original Alias series starred Jennifer Garner alongside Michael Vartan, Victor Garber and Bradley Cooper. The new version would borrow elements from the original series but would not include such plot lines as the Rambaldi prophecy which drove some fans away from the show.

Alias was on the air for five seasons and brought great ratings and awards to the network as well as boosted the image of Jennifer Garner. The series earned Garner a Golden Globe and SAG Best Actress award.

As for J.J. Abrams, he went on to create a little show called Lost, which ended last week, and is currently working on another new series for NBC, Undercovers.

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