BURN NOTICE “Friends and Enemies” (Season 4 Premiere) Early Review


USA’s BURN NOTICE returns for its fourth season on Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 9pm. I had an opportunity to take an early look at the season premiere, “Friends and Enemies,” and I can assure you that it’s another action packed episode for our favorite yogurt-eating burned spy and his friends. There are guns, bikers, a car chase through the streets of Miami—just what you would expect from an episode of Burn Notice.

As you probably remember, last season ended with Michael capturing Simon and saving the guy they refer to as Management or “the old man” (John Mahoney). Michael is then taken into custody himself, and just when you think that he is going to be locked in some horrible prison, his mask is removed and he is sitting in a nicely decorated living room. It was a great WTH? moment.

This is right where the season premiere picks up, with Michael taking in his surroundings and trying to figure out his location. Is it a secret prison? A private home? Without giving away too many details, I’ll tell you that the mysterious organization that was responsible for burning Michael wants him to work with a new partner, Vaughn (guest star Robert Wisdom). We already know that they burned him so that they could recruit him to work for them, and Vaughn tries to convince Michael that he needs to help them take down a terrorist.

Eventually, Michael makes it back to Miami where he discovers that Fiona and Sam have gotten themselves into a world of trouble while he was gone. Their attempt at helping a lawyer backfired big time, and now they’ve crossed a dangerous biker gang called the Breakers. It’s a huge mess and they need Michael’s help to clean it up.

As I mentioned before, this episode has plenty of action, but there’s also a tender scene where Michael is reunited with his mom. As you can imagine, after her ordeal with the FBI in the last episode, she has plenty of questions for Michael. One thing is clear, Michael is both a spy and a civilian, and those two things are difficult to balance.

There’s also a pretty big development at the end of the episode that I don’t want to spoil. Let’s just say that there are some repercussions from the work Michael is doing with Vaughn and it sets up an interesting dilemma that will continue into future episodes. I know I’m curious to see what the consequences of Michael’s actions will be and how it affects this upcoming season of Burn Notice.

So don’t forget, the Burn Notice season four premiere will be on Thursday, June 3, 2010 on USA.