SMALLVILLE Coming To An End Next Season

SMALLVILLE - Salvation

It’s finally coming to an end. According to Michael Ausiello, Season 10 of SMALLVILLE will also be its last.

The CW was forced to come out and confirm the news after Smallville‘s star Tom Welling let the cat out of the bag early. The move to bring Smallville to an end did not come as a surprise to many as the series was blessed with a renewal for season 10 back in March. The show has been on the chopping block for some time now.

The makers of Smallville can now avoid an abrupt mid-season cancellation, and take the opportunity to neatly wrap up the series over the course of the 10th season. The writers and producers will have the chance to tie up loose ends and provide the show’s loyal fan base with a sense of closure before the show goes off the air.

As much as I enjoy the show, I think it’s about time for the series to end and I can’t wait to find out what the writers will come up with this final season.

Any thoughts? Will you be sad to see the show end? Will you tune in for the final season?