Neighbors From Hell - Hellman Family

Take a first look at TBS’ new original series NEIGHBORS FROM HELL, which premieres on Monday, June 7, 2010 at 10 p.m. (ET/PT).

Show Description: At first look, the Hellmans seem like a typical, all-American suburban family, with Balthazor (Sasso); his wife, Tina (Shannon); their two children, Mandy (Tracey Fairaway) and Josh (David Soren); their dog, Pazuzu (Oswalt); and Uncle Vlaartark (Kyle McCulloch). As it turns out, the Hellmans happen to be from Hell. They have been sent to Earth by Satan with a mission to prevent humans from drilling into their home in the underworld. To complete their mission, they must pose as average, everyday suburbanites. They soon discover that, when it comes to devilish behavior, humans are giving Hell a run for its money.
Making the Hellmans’ task all the more complicated is Balthazor’s congenial affection for humans and their odd but endearing qualities, including his politically incorrect boss Kilbride (Kurtwood Smith – That ’70s Show) and his Turkish coworker Chevdet (Kyle McCulloch). Balthazor also admires humans’ sense of responsibility toward loved ones and tries to emulate that with his own family.
Tina is not as enamored of the family’s assignment. Having to spend time dealing with suburban housewives, like their intrusive neighbor Marjoe (Dina Waters – Just Like Heaven), isn’t exactly Tina’s idea of fun. But she does love a good stiff drink.
Josh and Mandy are typical teenagers in Hell, which makes it fairly easy for them to adapt to life on the surface. Uncle Vlartaark spends much of his time trying to satisfy his bizarre appetites. And while Pazuzu is the real brains in the family, he frequently has to play the role of the family pet.

Neighbors From Hell - Balthazor

Balthazor is a lovable torturer from Hell who’s been sent to the surface of Earth by Satan because of his encyclopedic and forbidden knowledge of human television. A gentle monster, Balthazor loves television, giant cars and seeing the best in everyone. Balthazor is voiced by Will Sasso (MADtv).

Neighbors From Hell - Tina

Tina is Balthazor’s no-nonsense wife. A professional in Hell, Tina now spends her days as an ordinary housewife, drinking Chardonnay and cruising the Internet for celebrity gossip. She doesn’t share her husband’s enthusiasm for humankind and counts the days until they are back in Hell. Tina is voiced by Molly Shannon (Saturday Night Live, Superstar).

Neighbors From Hell - Josh

Josh is Balthazor’s highly energetic son. A doer, not a talker, Josh loves playing videogames, setting fires and conversing with animals. No matter where he is, Josh is content making mischief and being himself. Josh is voiced by David Soren.

Neighbors From Hell - Mandy

Mandy is Balthazor’s teen-age daughter. She has boys wrapped around her finger and, like most teen girls, always has her fingers wrapped around her cell phone. Unflappable to the core, Mandy has an effortless way of making everything work out for herself. Mandy is voiced by Tracey Fairaway.

Neighbors From Hell - Uncle Vlartaark

Vlaartark is the flamboyant, mink-jockstrap-wearing, granny-grabbing uncle. He may be the oldest member of the family, but he is by far the most immature. Vlaartark enjoys saying things in French, popping and locking and holding conversations from the toilet. Vlaartark is voiced by Kyle McCulloch.

Neighbors From Hell - Pazuzu

Pazuzu is a wise and multi-talented goblin who is forced to pose as the Hellman’s family dog. He enjoys Lady Gaga, Ranch dressing and the occasional spin in the microwave. The technical genius behind Balthazor’s plans, Pazuzu can’t wait to return home, where he is an equal member in society. Pazuzu is voiced by Patton Oswalt (Ratatouille, King of Queens).

Neighbors From Hell - Satan

Satan is Balthazor’s boss in Hell and the leader of the dark realm of the underworld. He is very vain and constantly in search of the new hip thing on earth. Sadly, his trendy compass has been demagnetized and stuck in the year 1987. Satan loves Swatch watches, Tetris and his sidekick henchman, Necromuncula. Satan is voiced by Steve Coogan (Night at the Museum, 24 Hour Party People).

Neighbors From Hell - Killbride

Don Killbride is Balthazor’s boss on the surface and CEO of the most evil corporation on earth, Petromundo. He is a ruthless billionaire who enjoys golf, infidelity and wiping out animal species. Killbride is always surprised by Balthazor’s ability to pull corporate wins out of his keester when failure seems eminent. Killbride is voiced by Kurtwood Smith (That 70’s Show, Robocop).

Neighbors From Hell - Chevdet

Chevdet is Balthazor’s best friend and the chief engineer behind the drill project at Petromundo. As a recent immigrant, Chevdet works hard to make a better life for his large Turkish family. When he’s not working on the drill or enduring Killbride’s constant ethnic slurs, Chevdet is usually sneaking in a few laughs with his favorite buddy, Balthazor. Chevdet is voiced by Kyle McCulloch.

Neighbors From Hell - Marjoe Champers

Marjoe is the Hellman’s annoying, pun-loving, next-door neighbor. She enjoys talking about her sex life, racially profiling members of the community and having inappropriate relations with her suicidal pet poodle, Champers. She’s a mother who loves her kids, but she has a truly strange take on parenting. Marjoe is voiced by Dina Waters (Just like Heaven).