Is It Just Me? – Five TV Questions On Jesse James, Survivor, American Idol and more

Jesse James

Ever have one of those days when something on TV just makes you ask, “Is It Just me?”

1. With Former “Jon and Kate Plus 8” star Kate Gosselin bagging $500,000 for her run on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars why do I feel it’s time I got somebody pregnant?

2. Now that Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding has confirmed that the anti-drug offensive engineered by the United States has led to at least 31 deaths on the island, isn’t it time CBS dropped their next batch of Survivor contestants off in Kingston, Jamaica?

3. Can someone tell me whose boobs I am supposed to check out now that Simon Cowell is finally departing Fox’s American Idol?

4. If Jesse James confession on ABC’s Nightline is true (that he’s a liar not a racist), then am I supposed to think he’s lying about being racist?

5. Is it just me or is the news that CBS offered former American Idol alum, Paula Abdul, the lead judge and mentor role on ‘Got to Dance,’ the sign that Sauron recovered the Ring?

Editor’s Note: The above comments are satirical in nature and should not be taken literally.