Giveaway: WWII The Pacific Series DVD


In celebration of the release of WORLD WAR II: THE WAR IN THE PACIFIC and D-DAYS IN THE PACIFIC on DVD by A&E Home Entertainment, we have a copy of each to give away to one lucky winner.

World War II: The War in the Pacific (2-discs) features the drama and intensity of history’s greatest conflict. This extraordinary collection is the most complete account of World War II’s Pacific Theater ever created.
Combining graphic combat footage and expert commentary, it’s a commanding view of the battles and strategy, the men and machines, and the horror and heroism that marked this epic conflict.

DISC ONE (approx 90 mins)
ISLAND HOPPING: THE ROAD BACK–The epic story of the Allies’ island-by-island Pacific campaign, using massive amphibious assaults.
JUNGLE WARFARE: NEW GUINEA TO BURMA–In the steamy jungles of the Pacific, soldiers battled not only the Japanese, but malaria, heat exhaustion, and swarms of parasites.
AIR WAR IN THE PACIFIC–From the war’s first days, to the suicidal Kamikaze attacks and the bombing missions that brought the war to the Japanese homeland.
THE BLOODY RIDGES OF PELELIU–From the opening Naval bombardment, to the hand-to-hand combat and vicious guerrilla warfare, this is the complete story of this brutal and historic battle.

DISC TWO (approx 95 min)
THE RETURN TO THE PHILIPPINES–From MacArthur’s strategy to the heroics of the gound, naval, and air troops, it’s a stunning story of unstoppable determination.
OKINAWA…THE LAST BATTLE–Witness the desperate, suicidal resistance of the Japanese in the final battle of the Pacific campaign.
ADMIRAL WILLIAM ‘BULL’ HALSEY: NAVAL WARRIOR–Sail into battle with one of the most celebrated naval commanders in American history.

D-Days in the Pacific (2-Discs): Though most people associate D-Day with the massive invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944, a ‘D-Day’ is actually military term for any amphibious operation, and few theaters during World War II saw as many battles as the waters of the Pacific, where more than 100 D-Days were waged.
The ultimate guide to the epic campaign orchestrated by American forces in the Pacific, this two-disc set includes the following documentary features:

DISC ONE – 137 min
DEATH AT THE TIDELINE: Follow America’s earliest amphibious invasions, including the ill-equipped landing on Guadalcanal.
CLOSING THE JAWS: America’s forces gain new expertise and power, and Nimitz and MacArthur have the enemy on the run.
THE FINAL GRAVEYARD: Relive the battles that pierced Japan’s defenses and brought the war to a close.

DISC TWO – 139 min
THE BLOODY HILLS OF PELELIU: Incredible combat footage documents one of the deadliest battlegrounds of the Pacific.
BIOGRAPHY: ADMIRAL CHESTER NIMITZ: Discover the story behind the man who turned a shattered fleet into a devastating naval powerhouse.
BIOGRAPHY: GENERAL DOUGLAS MacARTHUR: Learn how this fabled General was able to defeat a seemingly unstoppable Japanese war machine.

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