GLEE “Theatricality” Episode 20 Review

Glee Theatricality

Hot on the heels of the Madonna themed episode, tonight’s episode of Glee, “Theatricality,” took on the music and costumes of Lady Gaga. The episode started out just as outrageously over-the-top as you would expect, but then things got surprisingly INTENSE. Whew, after everything that happened, I feel like I’ve been through an emotional wringer.

I wanted to stand up and applaud Kurt’s dad! His speech was so powerful and moving-truly one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV. I always thought Mike O’Malley was kind of a goofball, but he’s very talented as a serious actor. Some of the most touching moments on Glee have been between him and Kurt as they’ve explored their relationship and the fact that Kurt is gay. After his speech tonight though, all I can say is wow.

Rachel’s discovery that Shelby is her bio mom was pretty intense as well. Is it me, or was “Poker Face” an odd choice for their duet? I just feel like it didn’t quite live up to their perfect performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” on last week’s show.

Intensity and drama aside, this episode had more glitter, makeup, platform shoes, and false eyelashes than I’ve ever seen on television (and then there was poor Rachel who looked like beanie babies threw up all over her). Kurt and the girls’ performance of “Bad Romance” was freaking amazing! I’ve been listening to it since last week and it’s definitely one of my favorite covers of the season.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the back half of season one, I’m impatient for them to address the upcoming regional competition. They’ve mentioned it here and there with the weekly assignments, but they haven’t really focused on how they are possibly going to beat the powerhouse that is Vocal Adrenalin. Judging from the previews, they are finally going to address this next week, and I can’t wait.

Glee “Theatricality” Quotes:

Tina: I feel like an Asian Branch Davidian.

Tina: And Asian vampires are the most vicious of all the vampires.

Finn: We live in Ohio, not New York or San Francisco or some other city where people eat vegetables that aren’t fried.

So what did you think of Glee “Theatricality?” Do you like when Glee does theme episodes like Madonna and Lady Gaga? Will Puck’s sudden maturity make Quinn want to keep her baby? Let me know what you think below.

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(Photos: Courtesy of Fox)