THE OFFICE “Whistle Blower” Review (Finale)


What did you think of tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE, “Whistle Blower”? I almost fell asleep half way through. Kathy Bates couldn’t even save this one from being a complete snore-fest. I was half tempted to call Kathy up myself and tell her it was “me” just so the show would end. I know these comments will make a lot of people angry, but you know what? I’m too bored to care. I think it would have been more interesting if there turned out to be an actual whistle blower. Since basically the whole office blew the whistle, it felt a little anti-climatic.

Okay, now before you get too angry at me, there were some moments I enjoyed. Three to be exact:

– I enjoyed the heart to heart between Kathy and Michael on her private jet. Michael can be a likeable character when he’s being honest. It was interesting that he brought up Holly again. Do you think that she will bring her back to Scranton for Michael? I hope so! Kathy is also a great character. She made me mad when she busted in with her dogs and held a witch hunt, but then she started talking about her Barbie and she warmed to me again.

– I liked the rant by the IT guy. It was almost as good as the time Michael “Boom.Roasted” everybody. Does anybody else think that guy looks exactly like Jim?

– The final thing I enjoyed about “Whistle blower” was when Dwight told the security man he better get use to standing because after he buys the building it’s going to be like Buckingham Palace. I hope he makes security wear the outfits as well. What will happen if Dwight owns the building? I can visualize tough security and a lot of beet colored walls.

Other than those moments, this show can go and take the advice written on David Wallace’s T-shirt. Does anyone else feel this way, or am I just being grumpy? My mind is completely open on the subject so if you feel like this episode deserved a more positive review then leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of The Office “Whistle blower”.