COMMUNITY “Pascale’s Triangle Revisited” Review (Finale)


What did you think of tonight’s season finale of COMMUNITY “Pascale’s Triangle Revisited”?

I was curious if they were going to do a movie-spoof for the final episode. I’m glad that they didn’t, I feel like they shouldn’t have ended the season with a novelty episode.

So, holy &^%$ balls folks, that was a cliffhanger wasn’t it? Jeff is such a ladies man. Who would you choose out of Slater, Britta, and Annie? I was rooting for Britta until he started kissing Annie and now I just don’t know what to think. I was waiting for Slater and Britta to walk out and see Jeff kissing Annie. The one I feel bad for the most is Britta. Slater had her chance and blew it, Annie had her chance at love with Vaughn but blew it, but Britta hasn’t had her shot at love. On top of that, she also mistakenly accepted the Tranny award when it wasn’t hers to claim and declared her love for Jeff in front of the whole school. She was just starting to let down her guard too.

On the lighter side, the finale also served up plenty of laughs. I thought it was awesome when Shirley said, “…just did my first keg stand…I can’t feel my legs”. Britta also was great up until things got awkward for her. My favorite Britta quote of the night was “I’m sorry, I have to go, I won a contest for being hot”. For me, the hands down best moment of “Pascale’s Triangle Revisited” was when Senior Chang punched the Dean with a roll of quarters in his hand.

Tonight’s episode was a memorable one and I can’t wait to see what happens next season. I feel Community has had a good first season but they have set a high bar for Season 2. Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s season finale episode of Community “Pascale’s Triangle Revisited”.