Is It Just Me? – Five TV Questions On HBO Shows

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Ever have one of those days when a TV show makes you ask, Is It Just me?

1. After watching HBO’s True Blood season 3 promos why can’t I shake the feeling someone ripped off 2009’s Twilight New Moon?

2. Will season 7 of HBO’s Entourage contain an episode where someone finally has sex with a black girl?

3. Did HBO’s The Pacific set out to prove that (a) war is hell, (b) all white men with helmets and buzz cuts look alike or (c) Spielberg and Hanks can wrangle up more financial backing than God?

4. Will season 2 of HBO’s Hung still make it seem like 9 out of 10 girls who pay for sex are sort of hot?

5. Is it just me or does HBO’s Real Sex series make you want to throw up more than pictures of celebrities without makeup?

Editor’s Note: The above comments are satirical in nature and should not be taken literally.