LOST “What They Died For” Review


What did you think of tonight’s episode of LOST, “What They Died For”?

Although the past couple episodes of Lost has generated some criticism, I’ve been enjoying the show just as much as ever. “What They Died For” was no exception for me. I feel like things in the two realities have been simmering for a while and now they are on the verge of boiling.

First we see Jack in the other reality and we learn that he’s going to see his son’s mother later that night. Who do we think it could be? Then we find out Desmond has been playing puppet master by bringing all his island mates together. I loved the jail break he organized with Hurley. Once they are done gathering up the rest of their pose, what will they do? I can’t wait to see what happens. Desmond and Kate are on their way to a concert. Do you think they will be picking up Charlie and Faraday?

Back in island time we get some more answers. Jacob claims he chose to bring all of them to the island because they were all flawed, they weren’t in a happy existence, they were all alone and they were looking for something that they couldn’t’ find. Can the same be said for the same people in the parallel reality? Maybe not, but does it even matter? Jacob was kind to cross Kate off the list when she became a mother, don’t you think? Now that Jack has drank from the sacred cup of Island wisdom will he change? Jacob said “you are like me now”, so I assume he’ll have all the same powers, including the inability to be killed off by Smokey. I wonder what other cool things he can do now?

I was very confused when Ben chose to stay back and accept death from Smokey. He’s done everything in his power to survive and then he left it all to chance. Maybe seeing where his daughter is buried put things in perspective for him? Or, maybe he planned to gamble with Widmore’s location the whole time? I was surprised that he killed Widmore, but I guess Widmore did send those soldiers to the island that killed Alex so I can understand a little bit. Miles was smart to get the heck out of there when he had the chance.

I think perhaps the most special person in all of this is Desmond. His resistance to electromagnetism makes him a fail safe in island time and he is the key to brining everyone together in the other reality. Smokey believes he can use his powers to destroy the island. Where do you think Island Desmond is now?

Since there was so much that happened tonight, I’m looking forward to getting everyone’s opinion and perspectives. Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode of Lost! Also, don’t forget to watch the season finale of Lost this Sunday at 9 PM. There will be special footage of Lost starting at 7 PM including cast interviews. Then the two and a half hour finale starts at 9 PM. Can’t wait!