GOSSIP GIRL Finale “Last Tango, Then Paris” Review

GOSSIP GIRL Finale Last Tango, Then Paris

What did you think of tonight’s season finale of Gossip Girl “Last Tango, Then Paris”?

Now, that my friends, is how you end a season! I feel like I need stiff drink after that. Let’s start from the beginning. After the way Serena and Jenny have been acting lately, I was actually happy by the appearance of Georgina. I liked her as a blond too. Normally when Georgina comes to town everyone gives her another chance (when they shouldn’t) and it irritates me.

So, I was loving it tonight when nobody would give her the time of day. And you know what? Her news was worth the wait! There is no way that can be Dan’s baby…right? He’s so responsible, I can’t imagine him having unprotected sex with anyone, let alone Georgina. But I guess we’ll have to wait and find out. What do you think?

Jenny Humphry is finally gone…well banished actually. Thank god! You’d think I’d feel bad for her after she was deflowered by Chuck Bass and left cracked out looking and alone. Not so much. I don’t think she got what she deserved at all. All she managed to do with screw things up for Blair and Chuck (although to be fair Chuck was equally to blame). I can’t wait to see what kind of justice Blair is going to serve up when Jenny returns (because you know she will). If Jenny hadn’t of shown up then Chuck and Blair could be happily engaged right now! Damn you Jenny Humphry lol.

So as you can tell, I was really hoping to see Chuck and Blair get back together tonight and instead all hell broke lose. After Blair learned the truth about what happened between Chuck and Jenny I thought there was no way they’d ever be together again…until Chuck got shot! WTH!!? Chuck was shot! Okay, so they can’t actually kill of Chuck, right? Hopefully Blair will race back to New York to be at Chuck’s side in the hospital and she will realize everything between Chuck and Jenny is in the past. I hope??? What do you think will happen?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s awesome season finale of Gossip Girl “Last Tango, Then Paris”.

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