HEROES Cancelled By NBC


After a few speculations, NBC has officially cancelled HEROES according to The Live Feed. However, it seems that NBC might consider giving the writers of the show a way to conclude it with a special or movie.

I personally can’t say that I am sad to see it go, since I had given up on it a long time ago. So sad to think that this show had so much promise when it premiered but never lived up to its potential. The good news is that it now leaves some space on NBC’s schedule for them to put (hopefully) some great new shows. Their schedule has been filling up with quite a few pickups, including The Cape, Outlaw, Harry’s Law, Friend with Benefits, Chase, Undercovers, The Event, Love Bites, Outsourced and Perfect Couples. There’s gotta be a good one in there, right?!

Any thoughts? Are you sad to see Heroes go? Are you hoping for some kind of conclusion?