ENTOURAGE For Women Series Coming Soon

entourage season  6 finale

It is being reported that HBO and the producers of “Entourage” are teaming up to develop a new female-centric comedy series. Executive producers Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson are nearing a deal with the premium network to work on the project.

The new female-centric comedy would focus on a group of female friends who are trying to balance work and love in Los Angeles. Wahlberg and Levinson, who have worked together on the TNT series “Leverage”, will work together with “Entourage” producers, HBO, and newcomers Leah Rachel and Emily Montague. Rachel and Montague developed the idea for the series with Rachel writing.

The early consensus among many is that the show could end up being a female version of “Entourage”, but sources have commented that the script is ever evolving and that the plan is not to be as Hollywood-centric as “Entourage”. HBO is in the process of developing several new comedy series right now, including a project from James Gandolfini and a project named “Tilda” about a Hollywood blogger.