CINEMA VERITE – A New HBO Film on The First Reality Show

an american family

James Gandolfini and Tim Robbins have been added to the cast of “Cinema Verite”. The HBO project will tell the story of the documentary “An American Family”.

“An American Family” was the first reality TV show. The weekly documentary followed the lives of the Loud family. This 1973 show was groundbreaking for showing live footage of the wife asking for a divorce and one of the children “coming out”.

Tim Robbins will play Bill Loud, the husband and his wife Pat will be played by Diane Lane. Gandolfini will play Craig Gilbert, the producer of the documentary.

Currently, Robbins is filming “Green Lantern” and is rumored to be starring in “Keeper of the Pinstripes”. James Gandolfini, of Soprano’s fame has just completed “The Last Kiddie Ride” and “Mint Julep”.

“Cinema Verite” is scheduled to begin filming this summer.