THE OFFICE “The Chump” Review

The Office cast

What did you think of tonight’s episode of The Office “The Chump”?

Ha! I was right, Michael did carry on seeing Donna. What a jerk! When you stoop to a level that Meredith won’t even go to then you know you have crossed a very serious line. Pam shocked me by inviting him over to their house for dinner and Rock Band. Do you remember the last time they had a dinner party with Michael? How come it always takes Michael so long to make the right decision?

It really made me mad when he met the husband and instead of feeling remorse likened himself to James Bond. I’m glad he did the right thing in the end. It made me laugh that he congratulated himself for handling things so maturely when in fact he broke up with Donna over a text message.

Dwight and Angela’s mediation was great. It was so funny when they started negotiating their “arrangement”. My favorite was when Angela requested “eye contact”. My prediction is that Angela will end up getting pregnant and the two will end up getting married in Dwight’s barn. My other prediction is that Pam and Jim die after hearing Dwight and Angela have sex in the warehouse and Michael adopts their orphaned baby.

What was up with Ryan’s weird moment? I didn’t’ realize he had those kind of “feelings” for Erin. Lol. Do you think this could trouble for Erin and Andy? I’d love to see a love (I was going to say Triangle, but then I realized I was leaving out Kelly) square between the four of them.

So it appears that next week’s season finale of The OfficeWhistleblower” will concentrate of the fact that Sabre prints catch on fire. This could mean big changes for the office. I hope Michael’s interview doesn’t make the news lol. How do you think the series will end? What are your predictions for next season? Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of The Office “The Chump”!

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