Is It Just Me? Five TV Questions On How To Make it In America, Family Guy and more

how to make it in america

Ever have one of those days when a TV show makes you ask, Is It Just me?

1. How is that Allstate guy going to find work now that it’s no longer ironically cool to play a black president on TV?

2. Now that Wall Street is broken, and we are all going to be panhandlers, does HBO still want to stand behind that ridiculous title: How to Make it in America?

3. If Taiwanese cell phone maker HTC Corp. is filing a legal complaint against Apple Inc. , saying its iPhone , iPod and iPad devices infringe on HTC patents, then when can FOX’s dumb dad TV show The Simpsons file a similar complaint against FOX’s dumb dad TV show The Family Guy?

4. Why are some of the “expert panelists” on NBC’s The Marriage Ref divorcees?

5. Is it just me or does all that talk of gratuitous nudity on Spartacus make you want to pay for Starz?

Editor’s Note: The above comments are satirical in nature and should not be taken literally.