LOST “Across The Sea” Review

LOST - Across The Sea"

LOST - Across The Sea

What did you think of tonight’s episode of LOST, “Across The Sea”? My whole understanding of good vs. evil and alive vs. dead is all kinds of messed up right now. Jacob’s twin brother (aka Smokey) wasn’t really a bad guy was he? All he wanted to do was leave the island (and the woman that killed his mother). I don’t blame him for killing Allison Janney (who did an outstanding job, didn’t she). Do you? I think he was hard done by.

Here are some questions I have after watching “Across the Sea”:

– Is the light the same thing that Ben used when he turned the wheel to move the island? If the woman killed everybody, how did Ben and the others find the light and how much do him and the others (such as Widmore and Eloise) know about it?

– We see Jacob bury his dead brother. So who is the smoke monster? Is he Jacob’s brother come back from the dead in smoke form? Or something different?

– Jacob’s “mom” made it so the brothers couldn’t hurt each other and also made Jacob the keeper of the Island. Who/What gave her these powers? How did Jacob learn what to do after she died? That contraption in the lighthouse looked complicated – was he given a handbook?

– Was the “mom” bad or just misunderstood?

– The light is described as “life, death, rebirth, the source and heart of the island”. So why does it appear to be bad?

– Young Smokey could see his dead mom but Jacob could not. Their “mom” said Smokey was special. Is this what she meant? Hurley can also see dead people. Will this make him a good ‘candidate’?

Even though I have so many questions, I thought this episode was great – one of the best ever in my book. So next week is the last episode before the Lost finale event on Sunday May 23 at 9pm, and I can not wait. Although I’ll be sad to see the series end, I’ll be relieved to finally get some closure.