GLEE “Laryngitis” Review

GLEE Laryngitis (2)

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Glee “Laryngitis?”

Well color me confused because some of the events in this episode made absolutely no sense to me. Puck, Kurt, and Rachel all lost their mojo and started acting very strangely (it was mostly Puck and Kurt who seemed out of character – Rachel was just being the drama queen that she is). And don’t even ask me who is dating whom because I certainly can’t keep it straight. I thought after last week’s episode that Finn was over Rachel, but then he started singing “Jessie’s Girl,” so I guess not.

Puck shaves off his mohawk and suddenly he’s no longer popular and is getting tossed in dumpsters? Yeah, right. The kids at that school must have the shortest memories ever. He manages to quickly rebound and soon has two cheerleaders fighting over him, despite the fact that his pregnant ex-girlfriend is living with him. Mercedes gave him some really good advice about being a better person, so let’s hope he listens up.

Kurt also seemed to lose all his confidence in this episode, evidenced by his sudden fondness for baseball caps, John Mellencamp, and Brittany. I get that he was acting out over his jealousy of his Dad’s relationship with Finn, but it seemed out of character because he’s always appeared to be confident in his sexuality. Still, I do get why he was upset with his father because it would hurt to not even be invited to the Reds game. At least in the end, he hashed things out with his dad and chose a song (“Rose’s Turn” from Gypsy) that reflected his true self.

Fortunately for us, all the randomness in this episode led to some really great performances. Puck did a killer version of Sammy Davis Jr.’s “The Lady is a Tramp” and I think he needs to get more solos. I also loved Mercedes and Santana’s duet on “The Boy is Mine.” Who knew Santana could sing like that? It was great to see some of the supporting characters get the spotlight tonight. Let’s hope Tina and Artie are next because we don’t see enough of those two.

Some of my favorite quotes from Glee “Laryngitis”:

Puck: “They maimed me over a freaking freckle. I feel like that guy who lost all his hair and then lost all his strength.”

Santana: “Sampson?”

Puck: “Agassi.”

Puck: “Get ready black girl from glee club whose name I can’t remember right now. The Puckster’s about to make you his.”

Brittany to Kurt: “So you’re pretty much the only guy in this school I haven’t made out with because I thought you were a capital G gay.”

So while I’m getting over the shock of U2 being referred as “classic rock,” leave a comment with your thoughts on “Laryngitis.” Did you like Puck and Mercedes as a couple? Who would you like to see duet next?

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(Photos: Courtesy of Fox)