Laurie Holden Cast in AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD


Actress Laurie Holden will join the cast of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former star of The Shield will play Andrea, one of the survivors who just happens to be awesome with a sniper rifle. Part of the storyline will also center on her romantic relationship with an older survivor.

The Walking Dead is a drama that takes place in the future when a large group of zombies overtake the world and a small group of survivors battle to endure. The TV show is based on the comic series of the same name published by Image Comics.

Also cast to star in The Walking Dead are newcomer Steven Yuen, Sarah Wayne Callies (“Prison Break”), Andrew Lincoln (“Love Actually”), Jeffrey DeMunn (“The Mist”) and Jon Bernthal (“The Ghost Writer”). Shooting will begin next month and the series will debut in October 2010.