THE OFFICE “The Cover-Up” Review


What did you think of last night’s episode of The Office, “The Cover-Up”?

I loved it, but there is something I don’t’ quite understand. In what dimension would a woman that hot have an affair with Michael? It just doesn’t add up. Michael uses the phrase “bonerrific” for crying out loud. The bigger question here is if Michael is going to break it off with her now that he knows the truth. Michael thought there was another man, but now that he realizes that he is in fact that other man, will that change is mind? My prediction is that he will carry on with the affair since it’s not his ego that is being cheated on. What do you think?

The Morse Code prank that Jim and Pam orchestrated was by far one of the best pranks ever on the office. I about lost it when they started doing code with their eyes. Brilliant. Daryl on the other hand needs to take some lessons on pulling off a good prank. He was doing a great job of getting inside Andy’s head until the printer caught on fire. Do you think Sabre is really a shady company?

Here are some of my favorite moments from last night’s episode of The Office:

-Andy’s high pitched voice on the video tape
-Daryl’s jazz improv
-Dwight bike class in the gym

Also, I wanted to chat a little bit about the recent news that Steve Carell (Michael) may be leaving the office. What do you think would happen in terms of the plot if Michael made an exit? Would you still watch the show if he did? Here are some fun scenarios that I’ve heard online and from friends regarding what would happen if Michael left:

-One theory is that Michael would leave the show to go be with Holly
-Kelly graduates from the executive minority program and runs the office
-Michael finally gets fired and has to leave
-Jim takes over as manager and finally put’s Ryan and Dwight in their place

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(Photos: Courtesy of NBC)