COMMUNITY “Modern Warfare” Review

COMMUNITY Modern Warfare

What did you think of tonight’s episode of COMMUNITY, “Modern Warfare”? All I can say is EPIC! There were guns blazing, Scarface references, an unexpected sex scene, and a sexy guy with no shirt – half way through I had to stop and ask myself if I was still watching Community and not a 50 Cent video. Loved it! Now, I’m not an action movie buff by any means, but I was able to catch some spoofs of a few movies (Scarface, Warriors, Boondock Saints). What other ones did I miss? I’m sure there were loads.

When the show first started, and the group was talking about sexual tension between Jeff and Britta, I thought I was watching a rerun. I thought those two were over each other? Oh how wrong I was! I love that they hooked up. Even though they said they are going to forget it happened, I am not buying it for a second. I hope they become an actual couple.

Now let’s talk about the paint ball fight. There were a few stand-out moments for me during the battle. First there was the Chess Club team that had helmets with chess pieces and chess boards for shields. Then there was the attack by the Glee club. I also loved the scene where the group gathered around the fire and talked about what they were going to do when the “war” was over. The best by FAR though, was when Senior Chang went Tony Montana on Jeff and Britta and then proceeded to set off a paint bomb that was strapped to himself.

After the Halloween episode, I thought there was no way Community was going to top itself…until the Goodfella’s episode, and now “Modern Warfare” has just blown my mind and I’m asking myself if this show will ever slow down? I tip my hat to you Community, keep up the good work!