LOST “The Candidate” Review

LOST - The Candidate

LOST - The Candidate

Tonight’s LOST episode “The Candidate” was quite a powerful one. The mystery is starting to reveal itself and we are starting to see the final plan etched out.

In the alternate reality, Locke wakes up to Jack telling him that he can fix his paralysis (as I predicted in my review of “Everybody Loves Hugo“); Jack is then surprised when Locke refuses the surgery. The rest of the alternate reality is then very focused on Jack trying to figure out why Locke doesn’t want the surgery and also connecting with Claire as she comes to grips with having a new family. In the end, we find out that Locke got paralyzed in a plane crash with his father who ended up being a vegetable; the ensuing guilt is the reason behind his refusal.

While the alternate reality storyline didn’t really do much to advance the story in general, I feel like a lot of pieces were being set for a bigger payoff that should come. Some of those pieces can be the mysterious Box that Jack’s father gave to Claire; or Locke’s father in a wheelchair (or is he just faking it like he faked his cancer). The Lost writers are so tricky that it’s hard to know what is relevant and what is not.

Now in the island storyline, a lot happened. After a series of escapes, shootouts and sneaking around, Hugo, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Lapidus, Jin, Sun make it on Widmore’s submarine without Locke/SM and Claire. It turns out that this was Locke/SM’s plan all along as he also placed a bomb in the sub with them. Long story short, bomb blows up and several huge character are killed subsequently:
– Sayid dies off quickly with the bomb (After telling Jack about where Desmond is hidden)
– Lapidus seems to have gotten hit by an exploding hatch
– Jin and Sun in a very emotional scene drown together as Sun was stuck under a huge metal pipe and Jin wouldn’t leave her alone.

So Locke/SM’s true colors emerge as we find out that he wants to kill all the candidates that are on the list so he can get off the island. If nothing else, his “No More Mr Nice Guy” attitude should prove very entertaining to watch. I felt the scene with Jin and Sun could have been more emotional if they stopped speaking English and switched to Korean; the whole conversation lacked the emotional appeal that their native tongue would have provided. Also, what’s up with Jin staying with his wife? Dude, you have a daughter too.

Overall, “The Candidate” was a good episode but not a great episode. The island storyline advanced quite a bit whereas the alternate reality storyline was a bit less revealing. Next week’s episode “Across The Sea” should prove even more fruitful as we are going to see SM’s origin. You can check out the trailer below for more clues.

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