COMMUNITY “The Art of Discourse” Review

COMMUNITY "The Art of Discourse"

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Community, “The Art Of Discourse”?

Tonight’s episode was so insane. I wasn’t buying that after all this time Shirley finally had enough of Pierce’s comments. They are already in their second semester, why decide to hate him now? Weren’t they all buddy buddy last week when they were in their chicken fingers mafia? I’m glad the show actually pointed out how similar Shirley and Pierce are. They are both older, both racists, and both a bit crazy.

I wasn’t a fan of the business with the high school kids. Not that the show ever has believable plots, but come on, no high school boys would treat a girl as hot as Britta that way. I love it that she still listens to music via a Discman.

The best part of “The Art of Discourse” for me was all the scenes with Troy and Abed. I loved all the Animal House references. The show is great at putting into just enough movie references into a plot where it’s fun yet it doesn’t become too much. I also thought Abed’s remarks about the show Entourage were hilarious.

My favorite quote of the show was when Annie accused Shirley of inviting her to a ‘pool party’ that turned out to be a baptism and Shirley goes “excuse me for tying to sneak you into heaven” lol. I love that she is so obliviously bigoted and set in her ways.

Although there were a bunch of things I liked about “The Art of Discourse” I have to put this towards the bottom of the list in terms of the season. It was good, but it wasn’t one that stood out for me. How do you think tonight’s episode stacked up? Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode of Community “The Art of Discourse”!

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