Gilles Marini Stays and Luke Grimes Leaves On BROTHERS & SISTERS

Gilles Marini - Luke Grimes

Good news for Gilles Marini fans, according to Michael Ausiello, he will be promoted to a series regular next season.

However, while he will be staying, the Walkers will be saying goodbye to one of their own. Showrunner David Marshall Grant has confirmed that Luke Grimes, who plays the Walkers’ half-brother Ryan, will not be returning next season.

I can’t say that I am sad to see Ryan go, because I thought he was gone already since we haven’t seen much of him this season. As for Luke, well why not? It will be nice to see Sarah in a steady relationship once more.

But that’s just me, how do you feel about these “changes”? Are you glad Luke will be sticking around? What about Ryan leaving? Share your thoughts in the comments below.