Is it Just Me? Five TV Questions on Hawthorne, American Idol and more

American idol hollywood

Ever have one of those days when a TV show makes you ask, Is It Just me?

1. Why is every black woman on CW’s America’s Next Top Model “sassy”?

2. How is it that people finally accept that wrestling is fake but not Kim Kardashian’s ass on Keeping up with the Kardashians?

3. Shouldn’t Jada Pinkett Smith’s medical drama, Hawthorne be called Nurse Jackie and Edie Falco’s medical drama, Nurse Jackie be called Hawthorne? Or did Tarantino’s blaxploitation flick Jackie Brown teach us nothing?

4. Why can’t I ever remember who wins American Idol but I can always recall Bikini Girl?

5. Why do religious types still talk about Intelligent Design in a Universe where there’s still a Saturday Night Live but no Chappelle Show?

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