PARTY DOWN Season 2 Debut Review

Party Down 2 2010; Jackal Onassis Backstage Party; Epsiode 201

The second season of the hilarious Starz series PARTY DOWN returns to the air tonight Friday April 23 2010 10 PM E/T. I had the opportunity to watch the first five episodes of the season and I have to say that you are in for a treat.

The story picks up 9 months after we last saw the gang, we find that Henry (Adam Scott) is now the new Party Down team leader. He is no longer with Casey (Lizzy Caplan) but they are still working together and it’s a bit awkward. Ron (Ken Marino) is back after pursuing his Soup R’ Crackers franchise venture and although he looks like he has his stuff together, things are not as they seem. Kyle (Ryan Hansen) is still waiting for his big break while hitting on the ladies. Roman (Martin Starr) is still trying to remain cool while despising everyone else, except Casey. And newcomer Lydia (Megan Mullally) is a 40 year old divorcee who is looking for better things for her 13 year old daughter’s aspiring career, all while being somewhat naive about the whole thing. All and all, these characters work very well together and offer a fantastic and hilarious gumbo of funny scenes and witty dialogue.

To enhance the whole thing, you should prepare yourself for some pretty hilarious storylines and scenes like Roman trying to act like a rockstar to get some action, or Ron trying to be a slacker and making life difficult for Henry, Roman using his unique skills to organize the perfect orgy and my favorite scene: Kyle, Casey and Henry acting out one of Roman’s Sci Fi script. So funny!

Overall, this season of Party Down is a solid one and will not be disappointed. So don’t forget to watch the first episode of the second season titled “Jackal Onassis Backstage Party” that airs tonight Friday April 23 2010 at 10 PM.