GLEE To Have Another Madonna Episode?

GLEE The Power of Madonna (5)

GLEE may have struck a big hit by paying tribute to one of the world’s most famous artists of all time, Madonna. According to Michael Ausiello, the cast of Glee could be looking at their first number one hit with the release of the Madonna soundtrack. Glee had an impressive 13.5 million viewers for the episode that aired on April 20.

And so it should come as no surprise that series creator Ryan Murphy is talking about a Madonna sequel. Should this happen, the episode would air next season and feature 6 new songs from Madonna.

In order for this new episode to work, Glee will have to outdo itself, but how do you outdo the “Vogue” music video? Maybe by having another Sue Sylvester video?

How do you guys feel about a second Madonna episode? Would it be too much? Are there other artists that you wish Glee would take on? Share your thoughts in the comments below.