THE OFFICE “Secretary’s Day” Review

The Office cast

What did you think of tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE,”Secretary’s Day”? Another great episode in my opinion. For me, The Office is now absolved of all its sins from the middle of the season when it was crap. The show is officially good again in my opinion. Do you feel the same? The Cookie Monster video was funny but did anyone else feel bad for Kevin? I feel like he’s so defenseless and it was mean for the whole team to make fun of him for a cheap and easy laugh. What did you think? I guess he proved he wasn’t totally defenseless by his awesome impression at the end, but I still think the team went too far.

Normally when Michael reveals somebody’s secret it makes me angry, but I feel like Andy should have told Erin about Angela. It’s never good to be the only one to not know something. I didn’t realize what a freakazoid Erin was until tonight (the hair-pulling scene was so crazy!). I mean she’s so weird, that Michael didn’t’ even want to go to lunch with her. I think her and Dwight are the only two people that have ever wanted to go to lunch with him. If things don’t end up working out between Erin and Andy, I think Erin and Michael would make a cute couple.

My favorite/ most disturbing moment of “Secretary’s Day” for me was when Dwight offered to milk Pam followed by Pam walking in on Meredith using the breast pump. That scene is going to haunt my dreams tonight. Overall I was extremely happy with tonight’s episode and even more happy that the episodes have been getting better for the past several weeks. Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode of The Office, “Secretary’s Day”.