On TV Tonight, Thursday 4/22/2010: PRIVATE PRACTICE, COMMUNITY, and more

Thursdays TV Schedule

BONES “The Predator in the Pool” – 8pm Fox

COMMUNITY “Contemporary American Poultry” – 8pm NBC

FLASHFORWARD “The Garden of Forking Paths” – 8pm ABC

SURVIVOR: HEROES VS VILLAINS “Going Down in Flames” – 8pm CBS

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “Miss Mystic Falls” – 8pm The CW

30 ROCK “Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter” – 8:30pm NBC

CSI “World’s End” – 9pm CBS

FRINGE “The Man From the Other Side” – 9pm Fox

THE OFFICE “Secretary’s Day” – 9pm NBC

PRIVATE PRACTICE “Second Choices” – 9pm ABC

SUPERNATURAL “Hammer of the Gods” – 9pm The CW

30 ROCK “Khonani” – 9:30pm NBC

GREY’S ANATOMY “State of Love and Trust” (Repeat) – 10pm ABC

MARRIAGE REF “Adam Carolla, Gloria Estefan, Donald Trump” – 10pm NBC

THE MENTALIST “Blood Money” – 10pm CBS

PROJECT RUNWAY“Finale” 10pm Lifetime