Is it Just Me? Five TV Questions on Heroes, 30 Rock and more


Ever have one of those days when a TV show makes you ask, Is It Just me?

1. If Jack Kevorkian made house calls for ailing TV shows instead of ailing human beings, wouldn’t he do the decent thing by NBC’s Heroes and pull the plug?

2. What is about Liz Lemon from NBC’s 30 Rock that makes you think she’s the type of person who likes to smell her own farts?

3. I like Chuck, always will, but how much longer will this one-idea show go on before NBC makes Zachary Levi jump over a confined shark on water skis in swim trunks and a leather jacket?

4. With that one Indian guy on NBC’s Community, that other Indian guy on NBC’s Parks and Recreation and the Indian scientist dude on NBC’s Heroes, isn’t it time we had an Indian President of the United States?

5. Why is it that every time NBC promos Law and Order SVU I think someone finally murdered a sports utility vehicle?

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