GLEE “The Power of Madonna” Review

GLEE The Power of Madonna

In its second return week, GLEE is taking on Madonna songs, in its new episode “The Power of Madonna,” which airs tonight at 9pm on FOX.

Now this is a great episode for fans of Madonna, obviously, but I think that even non-fans are going to enjoy this one (unless you really hate her songs). I personally am not a huge Madonna fan, but I do enjoy her songs so I was totally into this new episode. I think the best part is how they justified using Madonna’s songs with Sue being a huge fan, it seems so appropriate. And of course the music video is great! (which you can watch below, although I wouldn’t spoil the surprise and watch the episode first).

Tonight’s episode also features some great moments between Kurt and Mercedes, which will please their fans. They also get their own musical number, which is pretty great.

Rachel continues her romance with Jesse, Will with Emma, and Finn with, well I won’t spoil the surprise, but it leads to a great trio musical number for a famous Madonna song. This was one of my favorite of the episode.

Overall, this is a pretty great Glee episode, not my favorite one, but definitely one you shouldn’t miss (then again, I don’t think you should ever miss the Glee in the first place). So I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and hopefully the Glee phenomenon continues for a few seasons.

Finally, for enjoyment in case you haven’t seen it yet, check out the “Vogue” video of tonight’s Glee musical number featuring Sue Sylvester.