HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Home Wreckers” Review

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Home Wreckers (4)

What did you think of tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother “Home Wreckers”?

I enjoyed it very much. Christine Rose (Heroes) did a fantastic job as Ted’s mom/ seductive ‘Mellencamp’ to Barney. I loved the part where her and Barney were listening to Bob Seger in the car, it was disturbing yet oddly sweet, sort of like the man Virginia ended up marrying, Clint.

Which did you think was more creepy – the painting or the song? I have to pick the song given there was so guitar in the real one.

My absolute favorite part of “Home Wreckers” was the “Drunk, or Kid”? game initiated by Marshall. The best one, in my opinion, was when he rode his bike down the ladder.

The exchanges between Barney and Robin regarding who really cried during the wedding song were hilarious. Sometimes I wish the two of them would get back together. What do you think? Although, If I was Robin I’d be upset that he showed more emotion over Ted’s mom getting married than he did when him and Robin broke up.

I may be alone on this next point, but I’ll say it anyway, Ted needs to stop being such a baby! I thought it was very immature of him to walk out on his Mom’s wedding because he was miserable about being single. I feel like there is a time and a place for a quarter life crisis, and your mom’s wedding isn’t it. What did you think? I changed my mind a little bit after I saw that he had gone out and bought a house instead of sulking.

Also, the end with Marshall and the house transforming into what it is today was very cool – one of my favorite HIMYM endings in a long time.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, “Home Wreckers”.

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