WAREHOUSE 13 To Feature Lots of Great Guest Stars in Season 2

Joanne Kelly and Eddie McClintock - Warehouse 13

Getting excited for the new season of WAREHOUSE 13? Well, here is something to get you even more excited, in addition to Jewel Staite (Firefly) and Sean Maher (Firefly) guest starring, Gina Torres (Firefly), Philip Winchester (Crusoe) and Paula Garces (Defying Gravity) will also appear as guest stars in this second season.

Torres and Garces’ roles are both love interests for Pete (Eddie McClintock). Torres plays “Kate,” an agent from Pete’s past, and Garces assumes the recurring role of “Kelly,” a sexy, spunky, headstrong veterinarian in the Warehouse town of Univille who catches Pete’s eye.

In the episode featuring Philip Winchester (“Jack Chase” in Alice), Pete and Myka discover an object in the Warehouse town of Univille is transmitting increasingly dangerous scenes from old Hollywood movies. Winchester plays 1950s matinee idol “Raymond St. James,” the star of these movies, in roles which include a Cowboy, a Marine, a Gladiator and a Mad Scientist.

Season 2 of Warehouse 13 is scheduled to premiere on July 13, 2010. Is it July yet?