LOST “Everybody Loves Hugo” Review


This LOST episode “Everybody Loves Hugo” is clearly one of those episodes that gave me strong mixed feelings. Part of me felt elated because the story has taken a big step forward; however, I also feel we have made two steps back. Here’s why.

Let me start with the positive step forward. In “Everybody Loves Hugo”, we finally get a better sense of what is going on in the alternate “non plane crash” reality. Last week, Desmond and Daniel were the first characters to regain their memories; now more characters are starting to regain their memory. Hugo and Libby are joining the elite crowd of those who are starting to remember their lives on the island.

The cool part is that Desmond seems instrumental in this process. The last scene where Desmond runs Locke over in a wheel-chair was cold blooded but also made total sense. Why you ask? Remember at the beginning of the season, Jack gave Locke his card so that he can look into helping him walk again; Locke foolishly tore up that card. Now that Locke is being rushed to the hospital, can you guess what is going to happen? Jack is going to operate on him and Locke will be able to walk again. Yes that is speculation but come on, it’s very likely to happen.

Now let’s get into the step back portion of our discussion. The island storyline was a downer in many respects. Let’s recap what we learned…..oh wait, nothing. If anything, we just got more questions out of it. Let me just lay them all out:

– Why is Michael telling Hurley not to blow up the plane?
– Why did Jacob say that Richard had all the answers but Richard seems to be panicking?
– Why did Hurley decide to go to Locke/Smoke Monster?
– Who is that damn boy following Locke/Smoke Monster everywhere?
– Why is Desmond not scared of Locke/Smoke Monster?
– Why did Locke/Smoke Monster throw Desmond down the well? (Btw, based on next week’s episode, Desmond is still alive)

You see what I mean? More questions. This is the freaking final Lost season. I want more answers and less questions. I don’t mean to be too nit picky but I feel like the island storyline has been very stale especially since the Ab Aeterno episode. I hope that next week proves to be more fruitful.

What did you guys think of Lost “Everybody Loves Hugo”? Do you feel like Lost is giving as much as it is taking away from us? Or is it just the right mix? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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