Diane Keaton To Star In HBO’s TILDA

Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton could possibly star in HBO’s new original half-hour comedy, TILDA, according to Michael Ausiello.

The show is about a powerful and much-feared Hollywood blogger. Bill Condon (Kinsey, Dreamgirls) and Cynthia Mort (Tell Me You Love Me) are at the head of the show.

There are a few things that intrigue me about this project:

#1 It’s a new HBO show, which bodes very well for its quality.
#2 Diane Keaton might be starring as the main character.
#3 The main character is a blogger, which let’s face it would be so much fun to watch.

I’m sold. What do you guys think? Would you watch the show? Would you like Diane Keaton as the main character? If not, who would be your top choice? Share your thoughts in the comments.