Is it Just Me? Five TV Questions on The Office, The Pacific and more

top five questions

Ever have one of those days when a TV show makes you ask, Is It Just me?

1. Now that we are finally here, at that point in time where the actual year seems like the date from a science fiction move (2010), do we really need the paint-by-the-numbers-plotting and cued-up laugh tracks from sitcom’s like CBS’s How I Met Your Mother and Two and A Half Men?

2. Maybe it’s just me, but aren’t Jim and Pam on NBCs’ The Office the most boring, asexual couple on TV?

3. I really want to (because Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks’ Band of Brothers is the best mini series I have ever seen), but why am I not sure that I like HBO’s The Pacific?

4. What is Dancing With the Stars on ABC and why are straight men watching it?

5. Why is it that Ricky Gervais’ laughter is the only thing you really find funny on HBO’s The Ricky Gervais Show?

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