Deborah Ann Woll aka Jessica – TRUE BLOOD Season 3 Photos

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Check out a few True Blood Season 3 photos of Deborah Ann Woll who plays Jessica Hamby, a young vampire that was made by Bill as a way to punish him for killing another vamp at the end of the first season. If you remember at the end of last season, Jessica find love with Hoyt but that hit a bit of snag so to speak when Jessica bit Hoyt’s mother who was under Maryanne’s spell.

In True Blood season 3, what can we expect from Jessica? Well if we can believe these photos, two things are going to happen. She will be hanging out with Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Pam (Kristin Bauer), Eric’s assistant. Now I get the Sookie connection since they already have a kind of bond that was solidified last season but I am personally perplexed by the Pam thing. If you remember, the first time that Pam interacted with Jessica, there was no bond created there. So it is possible that this season might be the beginning of a beautiful and bloody friendship.

What do you guys think? Is there something going on there? Will there be a Jessica and Pam duo? Share your thoughts in the comment section below (Spoiler Free please) and also if you want to stay tuned to more news, how about you stalk me on Twitter.

Anna Paquin, Deborah Ann Woll
Kristin Bauer, Deborah Ann Woll

Kristin Bauer, Deborah Ann Woll

(Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO)