THE TUDORS Final Season Review

THE TUDORS - Season 4

THE TUDORS enters its fourth and final season tonight, Sunday April 11 at 9pm ET/PT, and I’m not sure I’m ready to let King Henry VIII and his people go. I watched the first five episode and it’s as intense as previous seasons were. Jonathan Rhys Meyers continues to play King Henry VII brilliantly and I have come to the conclusion that everyone is better off staying as far away from him as possible, but unfortunately (or fortunately since it gives us great drama), I seem to be the only one to realize it. So let’s talk about this new season.

In the first episode, we find out that King Henry VIII has just married 17 year old Katherine Howard (Tamzin Merchant), which makes her the new Queen of England. You will very quickly notice that she is a very different Queen than Henry’s previous wives. She is very fresh, innocent and a little naive, which makes the King love her even more. Unfortunately, Queen Katherine comes with a lot of baggage, including a scandalous sexual past, which as you can imagine will lead her to some trouble. In addition, Henry and Katherine do have a weird relationship given that she is so young, it’s more of an adult to child relationship (or yes father/daughter if you will).

Katherine also hires her best friend, Joan Bulmer (Catherine Steadman), as a lady-in-waiting in order to keep her secrets from the Kings’ ears, however this is The Tudors and secrets are never held for long. This season we also meet a new character, Thomas Culpepper (Torrance Coombs), who will soon be revealed to be less than moral, yet he is quite a fascinating character. Although I can’t tell you specifically what happens, I can tell you this: it’s like none of the characters has seen the last three seasons (i.e the King will kill you if you mess with him or his wife). We also see more of Princess Mary (Sarah Bolger) this season and let’s just say that she does not like Katherine at all.

To recap, there will be lots of drama, lots of sex, lots of betrayal, and lots of Tudors. And so for fans of the show or people who are just getting into it, this is your last chance to live in the Sixteenth Century amongst the King’s court and witness all the cunning that is depressing, yet so entertaining to watch. I love this new season and fans of the show will most likely love it as much as I do. And with such a strong beginning, I think we can expect some intense things to happen for the series finale.

Don’t forget to watch The Tudors, tonight, Sunday April 11 at 9pm on Showtime.

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