BROTHERS & SISTERS “Time After Time” Review

Brothers and Sisters

BROTHERS & SISTERS‘ two hour episode, “Time After Time,” which airs tonight, Sunday April 11 at 9pm on ABC, is a big one because we not only get to see some flashback memories of the Walkers, but we also find out some pretty big secrets.

If you remember in the last episode, Nora was so frightened by the idea of the family finding out about a secret that York apparently knows that she decided it was better for the whole family to sell their shares to him. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to convince all the Walkers to give up their shares in Ojai without an explanation.

Sarah, Kitty, Kevin, and Tommy are determined to find out what happened with York, which leads to the flashbacks in which we get to see the younger versions of the Walkers. However, seeing the young Walker was not the most interesting part of the episode, I wasn’t particularly excited by it and I most likely won’t remember much about the younger versions of the characters, what I was exciting about was that it lead to some pretty shocking revelations, which could change the family dynamic from now on. And yes, the revelations are related to York’s blackmail. I personally didn’t see any of it coming, but it was a pretty great storyline.

In the midst of all this, Nora and Holly continue to look for Narrow Lake and while we don’t find out everything about it in the episode, there are some new revelations and one specifically made by Kevin, which I thought was pretty significant because I had never thought about it. I’m not sure how big of a clue this will end up being, but it’s definitely smart writing and keeps you guessing.

As for Justin and Rebecca, well they start out with their own storyline at the beginning of the episode, which eventually merges with the rest of the clan. The good news is their story is a little less tragic than the rest of the episode, actually I would say it’s a very happy and exciting storyline.

Overall, a really strong two hours (by the way how exciting is it that we are getting two hours of Brothers & Sisters this week?!) that finally leads to some long-awaited answers, even though the flashbacks are not as exciting as advertised. So fans of Brothers & Sisters, make sure you do not miss tonight’s special two hour episode, which airs at 9pm on ABC.