ARMY WIVES “Collateral Damage” Season 4 Premiere Review

Army Wives Season 4

Last season of ARMY WIVES ended with a bang, literally. The season 4 premiere opens in the same place last season ended, as Frank runs in the house to find out what happened to Jeremy. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to tune in to find out what happened to him, but what I will tell you is that Denise and Frank will have to deal with the aftermath of that gunshot and it’s not going to be easy.

If you also remember, at the end of last season, Pamela left Chase. In the premiere episode, Chase is trying to find her, but Pamela is not yet ready to come home. She does call Roxy to talk things out a bit and eventually does call Chase, but it is clear that things will not be fixed so easily for this couple. I personally use to really like Pamela and Chase as a couple, but now it looks like these two might be growing apart, so this season might be an interesting journey for them.

Last season we learned that Roxy was pregnant and even though she doesn’t feel like sharing the news with everyone right away, there isn’t much else going on with her and Trevor. I hope things get a little more interesting because Roxy is my favorite character.

In “Collateral Damage,” Claudia Joy learns that she has been nominated as a finalist for the Army Spouse of the Year, the bad news is that her competition is her worse nightmare. But of course if there is any justice in the “Army Wives” world, Claudia Joy will win.

And finally, poor Roland receives some upsetting news about Joan, which will most definitely impact the rest of the season for the family. In addition, Roland also gets involved with Denise and Frank’s story, helping them through their difficult time. And to be honest, this could very well become my new favorite storyline this season.

And so if you have been a fan of Army Wives, you’ll pretty much love the season 4 premiere. It is everything we have come to expect and love from the show, and I think it sets up a few storylines that I think will be really interesting to watch. So don’t forget to watch the premiere tonight, Sunday, April 11 at 10pm on Lifetime.