Joe Manganiello – TRUE BLOOD Season 3 New Cast Member

Joe Manganiello - TRUE BLOOD

Check out the photo of Joe Manganiello who will play werewolf Alcide, the new supernatural hunk who will join the TRUE BLOOD cast. According to EW’s Ausiello, Alcide will team up with Sookie to find Bill who was kidnapped in the season 2 finale.

In the article, Executive producer Alan Ball further hints at a possible connection between Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Alcide as they are thrown into some pretty intense situations together. And ladies, Ball also reveals that there will be a nude scene featuring Manganiello with a crazy six pack. (You have to love how True Blood’s equal opportunity approach to nudity)

I don’t know much how werewolves work in the whole True Blood mythology but I am hoping that this doesn’t become a cheesy Bella-Jacob repeat. I can barely handle the Bill and Eric debate; I don’t think I am ready for a Alcide-Bill or Alcide-Eric match up. I guess we shall see.

“There is definitely some [sexual] energy between the two of them,” says executive producer Alan Ball of the dynamic between his newest mane attraction, werewolf Alcide (One Tree Hill’s Joe Manganiello), and Sookie (Anna Paquin), who team up in season 3 (debuting June 12) to track down her kidnapped beau, Bill. “It’s not like either one of them is looking for romance, but they’re thrown into several intense situations [and] it’s hard not to bond on a deeper level.”

It probably isn’t too tough for Sookie to bond with her animal sidekick on a superficial level, too. “The first shirtless scene [Joe] had I was like, “Who has those abs?” Ball recalls. “He’s in crazy peak physical condition. He’s eating nothing but pure protein. And of course, this being True Blood, he’s already shot his first naked scene. Hello, werewolves when they shift – no clothes!”

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