GOSSIP GIRL Review – “Inglorious Bassterds” Season 3 Episode 17


What did you think of tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, “Inglorious Bassterds”? Gossip Girl always has clever episode names, but I have to say tonight’s took the cake. Kudos to whoever came up with that one. So I don’t know about you but “Inglorious Basterds” has left me feeling extremely sad.

After Chuck got played by both his Uncle and his Mother, maybe all he knows is deception? Actually, I think he’s just a giant Basshole. I was loving nice Chuck too, but I guess for now he’s all alone in his fortress of solitude. If I was Blair, I’d never forgive Chuck for what he did. Do you think she will move past it? I think they will continue to have problems. Why couldn’t things have stayed the same for them? Ugh!

On a happier note, I loved that Dorota and Eric were in tonight’s episode. Dorota getting engaged was so sweet! It was also fun watching her doing the happy bidding of Serena instead the evil bidding of Blair. Eric’s new crush Elliott also looks like a potential keeper. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

After spending half an episode in my good books, little J has returned to my Bassterd list. I can’t believe she’s trying to steal Nate away from Serena, WTH girl? Serena and Nate are nothing but kind to her and this is how she repays them. There are many fish in the sea, Little J; go get one that isn’t dating your step sister you weirdo! Btw, how fun did that assassin game look? I loved all the still comic-book like shots.

I’m still sort of bored with Vanessa and Dan. Does anybody else feel the same way or am I just being a grump? All the other relationships on this show are so dysfunctional that when they have a normal relationship, with normal problems, I want to fall asleep…sigh.

What do you think is in store for next weeks episode? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!