CHUCK “Chuck Versus the Other Guy” WonderCon 2010 Review

Zachary Levi at WonderCon 2010

During the CHUCK panel at WonderCon 2010 this Sunday, we got treated to a very special advanced screening of Monday night’s new episode “Chuck Versus the Other Guy.” And let me tell you it was quite the treat and you won’t want to miss a minute of it.

“Chuck Versus the Other Guy” is definitely one of the best episodes from Chuck. It was originally supposed to be the season finale but they ended up getting an additional 6 episodes order, so you’re pretty much getting a season finale episode in the middle of the season, which should give you an indication of how good it is.

Now I don’t want to spoil the episode, because I think you’ll enjoy it more if you don’t know too much. But I will tell you this, a LOT happens to pretty much all the main characters, that means Chuck, Sarah, Shaw, Casey, and Morgan. This is definitely a game changer episode and I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed it.

You will see a new side of Chuck in this episode, which I think fans have been craving and you will also get some sort of resolution between him and Sarah. Morgan has very big plans for his future which come to fruition in the episode. As for Casey, well he’s getting used to his life at the Buy More… or is he?

I think that if you have been a fan of the show, “Chuck Versus the Other Guy” will please you on so many levels, as I said it’s like getting a season finale in the middle of the season, which means there is so much more still to come and I for one cannot wait. It’s like I have fallen in love with Chuck all over again.

Don’t miss Chuck on Monday, April 5, at 8pm on NBC. And , according to Zachary Levi, if you want to help the show get a fourth season, make sure you watch it live or at least get everyone you know who has a Nielsen box to.