EXPEDITION WILD with Casey Anderson on Nat Geo WILD

Expedition Wild: Project Kodiak with Casey Anderson

Check out a few sneak peeks and some photos from the Nat Geo WILD’s new program, EXPEDITION WILD with Casey Anderson, which premieres on Monday, April 5, 2010, at 9pm ET/PT.

Expedition Wild Synopsis: Can a man teach his 800-pound grizzly bear best friend, raised in captivity, to fish like its wild cousins? Naturalist Casey Anderson ventures into the Alaskan wilderness to study the biggest bears on the planet — and pick up fishing tips for his bear pal.
Brutus the grizzly bear enjoys his 25,000-calorie breakfast — 35 pounds of treats such as raw chickens or carrot cake — but when his human best friend, naturalist Casey Anderson, presents him with a fresh, flopping fish, Brutus is confused and uninterested. Raised by Casey from birth, Brutus is used to having his food delivered. Now, Casey sets off on an adventure to the Alaska wilderness to observe Brutus’ grizzly cousins salmon fishing, hoping to gain new insight into their technique and teach it to his six-foot, 800-pound, furry friend.

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