SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND “Old Wounds” Episode 11

Spartacus:Ê Blood and Sand; Epsiode 111; Old Wounds

Watch a sneak peek and also check out photos of an upcoming episode of SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND “Old Wounds” Episode 11 which will air Friday April 2 2010.

Episode Synopsis: Spartacus Blood and Sand “Old Wounds” Episode 11 – Spartacus recruits an unlikely ally in his quest for revenge.

Episode Summary (Warning: Spoilers)
Spartacus is haunted by a recent event that has taken place at the house of Batiatus. No one can console him; not words from Doctore, or efforts by Mira. Spartacus is soon felled by a fever which brings on strange and revealing dreams that end up guiding him to make some startling discoveries.
As Spartacus recovers, Ashur schemes, showing beyond a doubt that he is a man who serves only one master, himself, and Batiatus goes to ever greater and more perilous lengths to humiliate the powerful Magistrate.
The games begin with the crowd eagerly anticipating Spartacus, and they scream with disappointment when Crixus takes his place in the Primus battle with Pericles. Before long, Crixus proves he’s not done yet.
As the episode ends, the balance of power in Capua has been upended, and the order in the house of Batiatus has been disrupted, perhaps permanently.

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