FRINGE “Peter” Review

FRINGE Spring 2010 Season Premiere (8)

When FRINGE last left us we finally got confirmation of what we had been suspecting for a very long time, Peter is from an alternate world.

In Fringe‘s new episode “Peter”, all our questions about how Peter came to our world will be answered. Now that Olivia knows about Peter, Walter goes to see Olivia to explain his actions. Now I can’t give too much away because I don’t want to spoil the episode, but what I can say is that the episode takes place almost entirely in a flashback.

Among some of the things you can look forward to are a young Walter who still has his whole head on his shoulders, Walter’s wife and Peter’s mother, Elizabeth, played by the lovely Orla Brady (Mistresses, The Deep End), and the best part, the Observers are back.

I think if you’re a fan of Fringe you’ll definitely appreciate the episode, because, in addition to giving us some of the answers we have been longing for, it also gives us new insight into Walter’s past, which I loved. However, this episode might change the way you feel about Walter. I personally think that this gives the character a whole new dimension, but I’m waiting to see how it’s going to play out in future episodes.

However, “Peter” doesn’t have any case to solve, it’s all about finding out what happened to Peter as a kid, so as a result, we only get to see a young Peter, but older Peter is MIA this episode, and so is pretty much everyone else, except for Olivia, Walter and Nina.

So I think I’ll leave it at that and let you experience this very different yet great and must-see episode of Fringe, which airs on Thursday April 1 at 9pm.

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