LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT (CI) Season 9 Debut Review

L&O ci loyalty (3)

I had the opportunity to watch the first two episodes of season 9 of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT titled “Loyalty Part 1” (airing April 1) and “Loyalty – Part 2” (Airing April 8).

In “Loyalty”, at the center of an international intrigue, Captain Ross faces a sudden and unspeakable tragedy that pushes his detectives Goren, Eames and Nichols to do all they can to find out the culprits. Honestly, I wish I could say more but I would be giving it away. All I can say is that Ross will no longer be part of the force and his team will be changed in a major way because of it. This storyline is one of the most significant we have ever seen in L&O CI history as it will change the show as we know it.

The major crime itself is not very interesting as a whole although there is some solid acting throughout both episodes. Plus we have some known faces popping into the episodes such David Zayas (Angel from Dexter) and Saffron Burrows who plays the new detective Serena Stevens in Major Case Detective. (Although I like her, she seems to have a tough time hiding her British accent).

One thing to note from these two episodes is that they mark the end of the two team story that had recently become the L&O CI trademark. I personally like the fact that each week we had different characters breaking the monotony. After these two episodes, we will be back with only one detective team.

These two episodes are must watch. Check them out and let me know what you think by either leaving a comment below or follow me on Twitter.

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  • Steve

    This is the end of the road for Law & Order CI.

    I absolutely loved this show during the first few seasons, but then they cut Courtney B. Vance and Jamey Sheridan from the cast. And they stuck in Eric Bogosian as the captain, whose acting leaves a lot to be desired.

    Then they started alternating the two teams, which wasn’t so bad because I liked seeing Chris Noth return to L&O.

    I thought I’d hate Jeff Goldblum, but he was actually interesting for the first few episodes.

    But Vincent D’Onofrio always made the show for me, and I refuse to invest my time into any more characters that will likely be cancelled by the end of season 9.

    The show is now only a crumpled up and faded photograph of what it once was. I’d like to thank NBC/USA for ruining everything 🙁

  • J morano

    Have been a Law & Order CI fan for years. Will no longer view it with him gone.

  • Loreen

    The acting on Part I was superb (Part II aires next week here). In spite of the fact that I am devasted that Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe will no longer be on the show I will watch Part II next week as it is a good story. After that . . . not so sure. I just hope no one else is killed off. I am too invested in these two characters to be able to handle that!

    Thank you team of great actors.

  • sam

    Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe – they are at the heart of this complicated, disturbing, engaging show. Without them, you’ve lost this viewer.

  • Mary

    I will have to become a re-run fan from now on. No more original episodes if Goren and Eames are gone. I’m sorry NBC/USA took this step. They have ruined one of the better shows on TV (and there are not many to choose from anymore). Goren and Eames made that show watchable. So, I hope Bravo and USA will continue to show the re-runs.

  • Jan

    I too will no longer watch the show. Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe have always been the chief draw. D’Onofrio was brilliant, even when flamboyant and over the top, and Erbe was a genius of quiet expression. She is a major talent.

    Jamey Sheridan was wildly sexy, Eric Bagosian super-interesting and edgy and Chris Noth appealingly world-weary, Alicia Wittt a clever, unexpected addition and a great foil to Noth. There’s no good reason why these talented actors and some version of their compelling characters couldn’t be retained.

    Jeff Goldblum is a huge surprise; he was a great compliment to D’Onofrio and Erbe.

    The cast turnover is tedious, annoying and NOT a good way to award or retain my loyalty. If the director(s) and producer(s) of this show are bored or facing mid-life crises, they should have an affairs or go buy a red Porche. But they’ve made a big mistake in killing the golden geese: I won’t watch the new show and I won’t patronize their advertisers.

  • Arlene

    Horrible both Goren & Eames gone. I do think D’Onfronio needed or wanted a break from grueling TV work, but why Erbe had to leave too makes no sense. She would’ve made a perfect Major Crimes Squad leader. Makes no sense she would let herself get emotional over Goren’s firing — no benefits! no pension! — a cop’s daughter…no way would she have just quit. Completely out of character.

  • Jim

    I’m done with the show now that D’Onofrio and Erbe are gone.

    And maybe I’m in the minority here, but I thought those 2 episodes that started the season were absolutely terrible. The plot was convoluted and ridiculous. (Sadly, that’s become the norm for the L&O franchises lately.) I was hoping they would come up with a good story to explain the loss of 3 major characters on the show, but it was very disappointing. I didn’t find any of it even remotely believable.

    • Janet

      I also was surprised and disappointed at how weak the last Goren/Eames episodes were. I was expecting something special.

  • Tamika

    Goren & Eames are Law & Order CI !! Goren is my favorite tv character of all time !! There’s no way the show will be as good without them !! I’m leaving the show just like Goren & Eames did..

  • teri

    i’m bummed that both of the team are leaving…it’s almost like i don’t want to watch anymore…i think vincent d’orofrio does quirkey much better and more believable than jeff goldbloom can ever do…and saffron brown isn’t quite part of any mix with a british accent instead of one from the bronx or manhatten…tsk tsk…

  • Toni

    We have followed Law & Order CI with Vince & Kathleen since it began in 2001. It will never be the same without these two actors. They MADE the show!! Although Jeff Goldblum is good, he cannot replace Goren & Eames.Please bring them back.

  • Prettypam13

    I will miss Bobby and Alex. I do not think the show will survive without them. No offense to MEM but she does not fit Capt material. This show cannot even keep and ADA like the other L&O shows. It needs some new flavor. I love Jeff but he is trying to hard to be so much different than Goren it does not work and there was no chemistry with the new chick. They should have brought back and old L&O player from one of the other shows to be the Capt and then it might have some promise and make Bobby and Alex come back on occassion. I do not know. I have watched the show since the beginning and it was well written and it showed how Alex came to love Bobby as a partner and friend they have a great partnership without being “in love” or lovers. I will give it a chance before I turn the channel.

  • Garett

    Thanks for ruining the show dumb dick. your stories do not make the show….its a combination of that and goren/eames…everyone is pissed and your show will be cancelled…i guarentee it! your ego of you can take away the characters because your great stories are the main attraction is bs. you will realize that shortly. thanks again dumb dick. and oh yeah if you take away benson and stabler you will be completely ruined…dont even try it or it will be the end of law and order for good!!!!!!

  • Margie

    No tell me its not so. The show is realy letting Vincent D`Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe the heart, the team, the soul leave the show. Thats just wrong as a fan since the begining I must say adios I am done. Here this show has devoted fans and they will loose many by doing this. Oh the pain the pain its like loosing two friends that you got together with every week.

  • kim lawrence

    thats it if goren, ross and eames have gone CI will not be worth watching anymore. goren made the show.. i will miss all of them..

  • Marlene Philbrick

    I am very upset about the original L/O being cancelled, now it seems they might cancell L/O Criminal Intent. I miss the old team on C/I. I had a hard time finding them for the last two years. Now they are going to make a new one L/O Los Angeles, give me a break. They had a spin off a few years back and it didn’t make it. Why should this one. They should just keep the 3 originals. They kept movinb L/O around no wonder they lost some of their audience. I like the new people on L/O they are a great team. Shame Shame on you.

  • Liz

    Watched latest episode of L&A: CI. Awful. Simply awful. Jeff Goldblum is always good at playing Jeff Goldblum, which is who he plays on CI. Unfortunately, he lacks an edgy, dark brilliance to make his character believable. He makes me miss Vincent D’Onofrio in a way I never thought I could. And the new chick – if one is looking for the antonym of “charisma”, she’s it. There is no spark to her – she’s dull, dull, dull, dull. Did I mention that she’s also dull?

    I was willing to be open-minded when I heard Goldblum was coming on the show, which is why I watched this episode, free of D’Onofrio and Erbe. Unfortunately, the view confirmed my worst fear. Tracy Pollan completely dominated the show. The show will have to continue to have strong guests to draw an audience, because the regular cast simply does not work. I can’t believe the producers dropped D’Onofrio and Erbe for Goldblum and whatsherface. This is the weakest L&A creation. With the cancellation of Law & Order on NBC, I think the franchise is seeing its last days.

    • Liz

      I must be channeling L&O: LA. Forgive the L&A error.

  • keisha

    i just seen a show where they ask the lady where was her boyfreind and if she does not say they arrested her to my knowledge u can not do that because i refuse to talk if u can not prove i have that imfo then i am ng that was bully shit they pull and it should not a part of the show repre. facts not fic.

    • teri

      as far as facts go…l&o is probably one of the more factual police shows besides, 48hrs…being arrested only needs intent or probable cause…but it doesn’t matter cause if they continue down this road their going someone will be incarcerated for airing it…there’s really no good story lines anymore